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Carriage of hazardous substances and weapons

The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport controls carriage of weapons and hazardous substances in accordance with the Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport (Russian Transport Ministry) of July 25, 2007 No. 104 “On Approval of Rules of Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Inspections,” Moscow.

Items that can be used as an instrument of attack (axe, saw, ice pick, crossbow, pneumatic weapons, fish gun, etc.) are carried only in the baggage.
Hazardous items and substances found during pre-flight inspection of passenger, which can be used as an instrument of attack but not banned for carriage on board of aircraft, should be packed by the passenger and carried as part of registered luggage.
Appropriate specialists are summoned immediately to the inspection point if explosion hazardous, poisonous, toxic and radioactive substances are detected.

Hazardous items and substances freely sold but banned for carriage by air, found during inspection of passengers and aircraft crewmembers, are collected with preparation of a statement of detection and seizure of hazardous goods, items and substance banned for carriage from passenger and crewmember during inspection, registered in the log of statements of detection and seizure of hazardous goods, items and substance banned for carriage from passenger and crewmember, and transferred for keeping in a special storage of the airport in accordance with laws of the Russian Federation.
When weapons, munitions, hazardous items or substances banned for carriage by air, not presented during the inspection, are seized from passenger or aircraft crewmember, a decision will be made calling for liability pursuant to legislation of the Russian Federation.

In case such aircraft passenger is cleared for the flight, his baggage should be subjected to an extra preflight inspection.

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